Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm just going to pretend...

a couple of things... that

A) It hasn't been 3 months since my last blog, ya know that time when I swore that I would be the *bestest* blogger on the planet. AND I know you all are all thinking "yeah, she's said THAT before"...ok, so I suck at blogging, but I am willing to embrace that.


B) That the two dogs going nutso at my feet are just going to go away so I can type in peace.....please?

No such luck....

Aren't they cute?

'Nuff about them-- this blog is all about me right??? lol

School is going well. I managed to squeak out a 4.0 last semester which puts me on track into the honor roll and got me accepted into the international honors society. I will be transferring to one of 3 schools next fall, and I *think* as of right now i am on track to maintain my gpa. I was never this good in school- don't get me wrong I was always capable of being this good, but never put the effort into it. Now it's like I am being driven by some other force-- besides myself to get school done, and the absolute best that I can do. I feel like i took my life off hold for the first time in 8 years and I am finally living a dream I didn't know even that's cool.

An update on my sister for those of you who are interested- they did all the tests and scans and stuff and didn't find a tumor or the other disease it *could* have been, but obviously wasn't.... So, they are monitoring her very closely, and are doing more tests. They need to figure this out because she is not able to function like a normal person with the migraines she is getting, but her spirits are considerably better considering it isn't a tumor or the "other possibility."

My mother on the hand had several scares with her health this month. She is having heart problems. They thought she ahd several minor heart attacks, but it turns out they weren't (thank god) they are keeping a monitor on that, and she is having gall bladder issues. I wish she would take better care of herself, I worry that she really IS (she recently stopped takign it for a few weeks...thus causing many health problems) going to just stop taking all of her medication one day, and I am going to get that phone call that I dread every day of my life. She seems better when I am out there, but I can't babysit my mom the rest of my life.

Bob and Chris are both good. Chris started middle school this year, and it's very weird. We have had a few minor issues with school policies and the way they want to do things (that make NO sense), also they have the kids "tracked" which I hate...its just a way to make the moreabled kids get further and the less abled kids get further and further behind.....Bob is well...working alot and going back to school wednesday nights with me for english class. It's interesting to go to school with one's spouse, we are two completely different studying styles, and two completely different goals (I want an A...he wants to pass). It is VERY nice to have someone to study with though, and he is very helpful with my obsessiveness on my papers ( I do 6-8 drafts of things).

Thats about it thats going on here. I don't even have any pictures to show. I haven't really taken any since June (or uploaded them at least). Oh, and for those of you who were at August SAVE I wanted to send out the pictures that many of you asked for, and what I am going to do is upload them to snapfish and send you the link. You *should* be able to order copies of them if you want, if that doesn't work and there is something you want we can work something else out.

Miss you all!


Laurel said...

Glad to hear you are alive and well - it was like you fell off the face of the planet! But, I can totally understand the trying-to-live-a-life-while-doing-the-school-thing. Good luck on living your dreams!

Middle school. Blech. The worst years of my life. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but I really didn't enjoy it much. Disagree with you on the tracking thing, but that's ok cause we're friends and we can disagree on such things.

Hope to see you posting more often!

Trish said...

good to see things are going well. Hope they stay that way. Trish

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your GPA.

Sorry to hear your family is going thru some health issues. Hope they get some relief soon.


Rollie said...

Good to see you bloggin!
Keep up the good work at school and live your dream!