Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peace is...

“Peace is not just a colored ribbon. Its more than a wristband or a t-shirt. It’s not just a donation or a 5k race. It’s not just a folk song or a white dove. And peace is certainly more than a celebrity endorsement. Peace is a full time job.” George Clooney in an advertisement for UN PeaceKeepers

I just heard this quote, and it really got me thinking---I agree 100% with what it says---while all of those things (except maybe the celebrity endorsements) help, and possibly attribute to achieving peace--- it is so much more than that. It is noble and self-sacrificing to donate money and time (and completely neccessary since, unfortunately current peace efforts are expensive), but Peace is an attitude. Peace is a frame of mind. Peace is agreeing to disagree--without blowing each other up. Peace is finding common ground..... Peace is not bullying, Peace is not bribery, Peace is not my country/my way of life/ My god is better than yours. Peace is loving everyone unconditionally, and Peace is knowing we need each other to survive. Peace is knowing we need to stop fighting, stop polluting, and start loving each other....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the most wonderful things...

my blackberry smells like spearmint gum--- awesome!

I just ordered two books-- will share the...fruits of these books in a few days..

chris competed in the 45th annual BASD (bethlehem area school district) 5th grade track and field day, and did well- it was a big accomplishment to even get to compete so Yay for him!! I went and was hot and loud...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I wish I had had my camera last night at the crop at Rollies house....

total blast was had by all, as always.

I fingerpainted, and supervised some scrapbooking ventures, and ended up with an art journal I loooove. BTW the new prima studs are FAB...totally.

tomorrow is mothers day, missin my own mom- and I know she doesn't really like mothers day as it just makes her say missing her own mom and her kids. THEREFORE mothers day has been rechristened Happy glad you're my daughter day--- which means I should get presents right??? J/k Love you mom..I will see you in less then a month and I have some totally stellar not-for-mothers-day-mothers-day presents (since you didn't want me to send them in the mail).

And since I can't blog without a them to death.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

its the little things

that make what has been a shitty start of my week go to not too bad. Nothing can make how bad I felt all day yesterday go away (seriously I HATE being a woman...seriously), and now my throat hurts, BUT...

School decided to accept 2 more of my transferred classes (there were originally only going to accept 3 classes (9credits-thats a huge kick in the balls), but today they decided to accept two more classes--hallefrickinlujah.

AND THEN I get home and another canvas has sold on my etsy site...I have sold 3 things, and have had a couple under the table offers for things from people on etsy (but I am being good and keeping it all legit). I TRULY never expected anything to sell anything-- I make stuff that I love, and actually have hanging on my walls (what better way isthere to store art??) But am also happy to see my creations go to loving homes....Sofor now, I will continue to put my art out there... even if nothing ever sells againI feel Ihave grown so much as an artist and am loving where I am going with it.

I also want to share some pictures from over the weekend...had such a good time taking the boys the aquarium.

I'm 10-and have an attitude (don't they all??) about 30 pictures of chris and dylan runng around the outdour stadium... this one isnt my favorite, but kinda sums up the 'tude.

*sigh* so pretty...i love coral (is it coral???) statement ammended...I love whatever it is.

*double sigh*I love whatever this is too....hehe. You're a good man hunny..

Chris took this picture, and I pretty much think it kicks major ass. Yes,there is some flash issues, but....seriously--how freakin rad is that?!?! I can remove the flash problem, turn it black and white blow it up and scare small children....