Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So glad...

that the chicken pox are gone, and chris is feeling better and back at school!

Will update more later- just wanted to assure my handful ofreaders that I have not given up the ghost of blogging. Not until june at least when I can no longer find my head---will post about that another I am just enjoying that fact that my head is still securely attached.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

we've got...

the pox- andwe feel like parents of the year for not realizing what they were sooner (thanks nancy and mom!), but neither one of us has had it (pray for us) and, you just dont see it all that often anymore. We are taking him to the peds. tomorrow to confirm-- looks like a long itchy week ahead for chris, and hopefully no itchy pox for b or I.

At least he's in good spirits!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Excellent Day with my bff...

will have to borrow one of the many shots we *tried* to take this afternoon andmaybe post it here.

Seriously, other then that though...I have lost my faith in humanity. I seriously think damn near everyone is going straight to hell...donotpassgodonotcollect200dollarsfuckyougooddayamericaandallthatjazzamen! Ugh-Iam not even going to going to go into what happened (two things two days in a row) because it is over and done with, and it just makes me miserable to dwell on it, but I am disgusted with people in general...

Another thing that totally bums me out is I dont feel like scrapbooking at mind is so focused on other things right now that the need and drive to want to be creative just isn't there(other then painting here and there for my etsy shop)

Somebody pray that the blahs leave me soon....UGH- thank god fucking winter is over....praise the lord!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 having a crazy life---

NAH. couldn't be possible! Well, I am about to wrap up the first 7 week session of water aerobics on friday- today was the last weigh in date before then. I am down a total of 12 lbs from when I started 7 weeks ago. I did gain from this weekend---all the alcohol and junk food. I will probably check again on friday, but overall I am happy with 12 lbs- it's a great jump start, and its more then my one pound a week goal.

Friday B and I are going to sign back up for school. I am GOING TO FINISH SCHOOL DAMMIT! There, I said it, and now its true. I am really going to do it this time come hell, high water, and student loans. Do I know what I want to be?? No, not really... but we will get to that eventually. I know that my major will be history or Poli Sci. And that my future career will fall somewhere in there... maybe I will double major?? I kinda just figured since the baby thing doesnt seem like its going to pan out.....I should probably do something with my life :-/

The only other thing I have really been doing lately is uploading all my pictures to snapfish- a very long and tedious NECCESSARY process...please, if you dont have your pictures backed up online...please do so TODAY!!

This just cracks me up



ummm ok, so the pictures got all screwy when I adjusted their size, but you get the point- I had a great weekend-- love you girls!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Thank god it's friday, I totally didn't go to class today--- and I will probably regret it all day, but I just didn't feel up to it, plus I am totally blowing my diet this weekend---why not start today right??? Peanut Butter M&Ms for breakfast!!

I am so excited to spend some time with some of my girlfriends this weekend- much needed time away to just relax and not have to worry about the boys or the dogs, or mr.panicatthediscobunny.

I *hope* to get some scrapping done today- even if it is just one page- I just got the hottest new paper from Rollie- its from MME, and its fabulous as all their products are. I also have some paper I am dying to work with from Cosmo Cricket. Their stuff is so beautiful, and the blackboard chipboard intrigues me with all the stuff you can do with it..... so... lets hope for some selfish creative time soon.